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Tremor is a Brand Engagement Innovation Firm that has been building & engaging communities of grassroots connectors since 2002.



Our core difference is our experience, people and technology. Founded by P&G in 2002, Tremor is one of the original word-of-mouth marketing companies. Now, we’re an independent venture, providing us the agility to innovate, while maintaining proven principles and practices from our heritage.

We provide full-service marketing & technology solutions to our clients. We get people to engage with your product and share their experience with others at any stage of the marketing cycle – upstream to a select few or scaled to the masses. Our people and technology allow you to customize the experience to meet your business needs.



Tremor communities provide direct access to millions of highly engaged grassroots connectors & paid influencers. Our direct relationship allows us to quickly and consistently deliver higher engagement and conversion rates vs. others’ best-in-class benchmarks.




Vocalpoint is a community of highly engaged, connected, and influential women across the US.


(US Hispanic)


Un Rato Juntas, “a little moment together”, is a place for US Latina households to experience brands in a way that feels culturally relevant.


(Middle America)


New Heartland Speaks is a lifestyle community for consumers who live “in the middle.”


(Military Vets)


March On Vets connects servicemen and women to solutuions for health, finances, and daily life that you can pay forward.



Tremor created some of the first ever “influencer communities” that let proven connector households register to be the first to try and talk about new products. Over the years, Tremor has worked with hundreds of brands, across industries, to build communities that help brands connect directly to their most valuable & impactful consumers.

Grassroots Connectors

We’ve built a trusted relationship with millions of grassroots connectors across the US. These are real-world experts who are the ‘go-to’ resource in their network. We reach them both online & offline, deliver them a high impact product experience with your brand, and then give them the tools to share that positive experience with others.

Paid Influencers

We also work directly with paid bloggers & social influencers to establish broader awareness & credentialing for your brand. These paid activations are a great compliment to our grassroots connector campaigns. Our clients are impressed with the quality of the influencer selections, the assignment outputs, and the ability to capture & re-engage followers.

Want to join our panel of paid influencers?


Dynamic Technology

Our Swytchboard™ consumer engagement platform allows us to connect all online & offline activity, unite the data, and create a better overall user experience.


  • Next generation CRM/Relationship Marketing
  • Learn through real life consumer activation
  • Multi-Device support (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
  • Multi-Platform integration .com, social, email
  • ONLINE and OFFLINE User Data Tracking

Our first of its kind consumer engagement technology platform connects user experiences across channels, captures and interprets the data – giving you a holistic understanding of who’s engaging, where they’re engaging, and how they’re engaging with your brand.


Precision targeting to generate deeper, customized insights.

  • Interactive Polls & Surveys
  • Social Media Listening
  • Live or Online Research


Deliver immersive experiences, two-way dialogue and a reason to care and share.

  • Product Sampling & Coupons
  • Event Creation
  • Digital & Social


Build on-going relationships, continue engagement, refine and optimize.

  • User Generated Content
  • Review & Testimonials
  • Qual & Guant Insights
  • Maintain On-going Engagement



Our approach compliments your mass communication vehicles by delivering authentic, personalized experiences to consumers that lead to high impact recommendations for your brand or cause. Whether it’s upstream, prelaunch or a scaled in-market engagement, our work will refine & amplify your marketing plans leading to high impact recommendations or even ambassadorship.



Insights & In-Market Learning

  • Pre-Launch Iterative Testing
  • Qual & Quant Research
  • ‘Real-world’ Insights


Trial & Word of Mouth

  • Targeted to Influencer Households
  • Rooted in talkable insights & a schema-disruption experience
  • Scalable


Content Creation

  • Ratings & Reviews
  • UGC (ownable content)
  • Contests / Sweepstakes
  • Events (In-home & OOH)


Community Building

  • Swytchboard CMS Technology
  • Ability to Create a Custom Community
  • Holistic CRM Experience
  • Unleash Advocacy



Research & Co-Creation

  • Online and/or Offline
  • Continuity Panels
  • Co-Create Products, Ideas, Biz Models


Big Idea Development

  • Proprietary Methodology
  • Schema-disruptive Ideas
  • Talkable, Sharable Messaging


Transactional Learning

  • Controlled In-Market
  • Measurable & Trackable
  • Ensure Product Viability
  • Biz Model Validation


Continuity Panels/Ambassador Communities

  • Swytchboard CMS Technology
  • Ability to Create a Custom Community
  • Holistic CRM Experience
  • Unleash Advocacy



9545 Kenwood Rd. Suite 303
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Contact: Brandon Cress
VP of Business Development & Client Services

Email: brandon@tremor.com