The Challenge

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages was a new suite of educational toys that “grow with” your child. Because these toys were more premium priced, it was important to let moms test them out first hand. Until you actually see your child laughing and learning, it’s tough to fully appreciate their value.

What we did

We identified micro-influencer moms who were predisposed to love these toys and then designed an experience custom made for them & their friends. We sent our moms a “playdate in a box,” that included a variety of Laugh & Learn toys, games to play, a branded playmate keepsake, coupons to share, and ideas on how best to engage & document their playdate experience with others.


Hosted 1,200 Toddler ‘Play-dates’

Syndicated 1,500+ Ratings & Reviews

Captured 2,500 pieces of UGC

Delivered 13.3MM Impressions


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